Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Stash

I love cloth diapers.
Seriously, I do.

The only load of laundry I enjoy folding...
What I plan my kids' wardrobe around...
The things I shop for the most...
Yep, cloth diapers!
They are cute, economical and so much more healthy for my babies' bums and our planet.

Here's our stash and set-up for storage and changing:
Inside one of  Tripp's closet are these amazing built in shelves. Previously, I stored the diapers in an armoir in a similar fashion. I LOVE the closets in this house.

From left to right, top row: Unbleached, tie dyed (by Will and me) indian infant prefolds, dyed premium Tinkle Traps pre-fitteds, fitted medium front snapping Mutts, fitted Mutt 3sr's, various other WAHM fitteds
From left to right, bottom row: Nubunz One Size pockets (and 1 FuzziBunz that I got brand new for free! Thank you Kelly's Closet and her awesome coupons!), medium front snapping Muttaquin Baby all-in-ones, all-in-one 3sr Mutts, basket with some wool covers and some stay dry liners, another basket with some Blueberry pockets, aio's and a cute Preston's Pants pocket

opposite side-bottom row are diapers and woolies for sale

Top row, left to right:  itty bitty preemie prefolds, itty bitty newborn Muttaquin Baby aio's, newborn dipeys headed to my friend Nic for her new bundle of joy and a stack of Swaddlebees aio's that I'm just not really using at the moment.

Bottom row, left to right:  various knit and interlock wool longies (oh, if I had an unlimited cloth diaper budget...these would be plentiful at our house!), various fleece longies, stack of doublers and inserts, premium prefolds (1 cute OBV one on top and the rest are tie dyed by us)

Our changing area...just a changing pad on the bathroom counter. The hamper underneath ($5 thrift store find!!) is lined with a PUL Wahmies pail liner and I throw all the dirty diapers in there. When it's time to wash, I just grab it and dump it all in the washer and put in my other clean  pail liner. The various drawers hold other diapering supplies- snappis, booty cream (that we never really need to use), cloth wipes, wool wash, small wetbags, etc.

And that's our stash of cloth diapers except for a couple that we used today and the one on Charlie's bum...
a Weehuggers with an infant prefold.


  1. GIRL! That is quite a stash! Mine looks so boring in comparison, but maybe if we have another one day, I can expand! WTG! CD really are the best!

  2. Very jealous of that stash.....I'm too cheap so I stay away from diaper sites.

    We'll have to talk about those tie-dyes prefolds.

  3. That's what I've come up with trial and error with 2 very different boys and their needs in respect to diapers. AND I really like cute dipeys!

    Rest assured that I'm pretty cheap, ahem, thrifty myself. Every single one of those diapers were bought used, at wholesale or discount prices in co-ops or with a coupon, on sale or as a second at outlet prices! lol!

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