Thursday, October 7, 2010

If you can't Duck it...

You know how the rest of the cliche goes...and I'll keep it family friendly by not completing it. Around the Sanders house, that phrasing translates into "If you can't hot glue it, then screw it!

I might have a tiny obsession with my hot glue gun. I use it for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. It can easily turn a craft/project that would require me to sew, into a no-sew rather quickly. And I'm just not as handy as I'd love to be with a sewing machine.

Use your Gollum voice..."My preeeecious"
or at least one of them

Today's craft is a color pencil roll. Tomorrow we hit the road and Tripp loves to draw on car trips. I thought this would be a great little travel-friendly way to transport his supplies. Throw in a brand new sketchbook and he's all set!

I drew inspiration from SouleMama's pencil roll in her book The Creative Family. My version is the easy no-sew, hot-glued one ;) and honestly, her version doesn't look very complicated, but for the sewing machine challenged, it very well may be. 

I was feeling colorful, so I cut out strips of felt and put them down on a large piece of felt using a color pencil as my guide to make sure everything was long enough (yeah, real technical, I know!). Then, I glued down each strip and voila! Pencil Roll! To tie it closed, I glued down a piece of ribbon, folded in half, on one end.

All rolled up and ready for action! Completed with a brand new sketchbook that we embellished with some little felt stars (and of course, hot glued those babies down).

P.S. I know a sewing machine can't be THAT hard to operate, but for whatever reason, I just can not figure it out. I'm open to lessons from a very patient and committed teacher ;)


  1. well, that's is super cute and seemed to take a lot less time then the one I had to sew. lmao at "If you can't hot glue it, then screw it!
    Nice blog!