Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Punkin Carvin' Time!

As with any sort of holiday or tradition in our family, we want our kiddos to know all the history and reasons surrounding it. Pumpkin carving is no exception. What does carving a pumpkin have to do with Halloween and the other traditional holidays of  this week surrounding remembrance of the dead? Well, I will tell you.

Initially, people carved out the centers of beets, rutabagas, turnips, and gourds to make a lantern to set outside of their home during this time to welcome friendly spirits and/or spirits of their loved ones that had passed. It evolved into a superstitious tradition to ward off bad spirits. Once immigrants came to America, they found the pumpkin and it's  perfect design for these lanterns. The term "jack-o-lantern" however, came from an old Irish myth about Stingy Jack whom eventually met his fate as a spirit wandering the earth rejected from both heaven and hell with only a turnip lantern as his light. He was called "Jack of the Lantern" with in turn, became jack-o-lanterns with the carving of faces into the pumpkins.

Pretty interesting, huh?

Okay, on to the cute pics...
Tripp was set on this spider and web design much to the dismay of Papa Bear's love of freestylin'.
the dirty work

He had to wipe off every.single.time. "Dis is gooo-ey!"
Pretty darn pleased with his punkin.
Flickering candlelight = simply magical


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