Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Horsey named Ko-TA!!

Today we went to play at a friend's house and their neighbor has a sweet (and HUNGRY) horse named Dakota. She is so beautiful and had a very mild manner with all these toddlers! Tripp has talked nonstop about Landon's horse Kota! He really loved feeding her and had no qualms about doing so. He proudly told ole Papa Bear that he wasn't scared of the horsey. He was also pretty proud that he brought Kota an apple and  she chomped it right up!
 Here she is!!

 Dakota had her share of carrots, celery and an apple! She had a lovely snack.

Henry and Landon ate their veggies themselves. No need to share a perfectly good piece of celery or carrot with a horse who is getting fed as quickly as the other kiddos can feed her.

Thanks Kristi for having us over! We had fun!

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