Monday, October 11, 2010

A lesson in New Urbanism

 We spent the day in Seaside, FL today and WOW! I'm impressed. This, my friends, is how I will one day reside and perhaps, in a community that my brilliant husband has designed.This community was designed by a group of landscape architects and based on New Urbanism.  It is very human-oriented and accessible. Think of it as a place to eat, work, live all rolled into one. The whole community is accessible on foot or by bike. Will has just finished designing a similar community for class and the ideas behind communities like this are just amazing while being so incredibly logical. Anyways, I'd love to call Seaside or any other similar community home. It has such a great vibe and jive to it. We will definitely return and next time, we'll make it longer than just a day trip.

Did you know the Cotton District in Starkville, MS is the first new urbanist development? Seaside is the first fully New Urbanist town. Who knew?! Now, we're all just a little smarter.

And here's some pics of my cute babe-child enjoying a pickle at lunch...