Monday, March 28, 2011

Winter Nature Table

Well, not table because our Waldorf-inspired nature table is actually a shelf.
And, yes, I know it's Spring but I forgot to post our Winter shelf pics.

A nature table is ever-changing.
Ours contains bits of nature we collect during the season as well as little elements that reflect the season.
The Winter shelf is not as colorful as the Autumn as it reflects the dark, cold winter in which most of the colors of the natural world are gone and resting to burst into bloom during the spring.
But, there is something peaceful about the simplicity of the Winter nature table that I love...

in it's entirety

When I took the picture, Tripp has pulled some of his autumn colored eggs out and added them to the shelf.
He replaced this arrangement...
That's the beauty of the nature shelf...gorgeous, playable elements of nature and the seasons brought into the home for learning, loving and respecting.

Next up is the Spring shelf, blooming with life.

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