Thursday, March 24, 2011

Muffin Tin Meals

AKA the Toddler Snack Tray

My kiddos have plenty of times that they are just too busy to sit down and eat. 
I often will make them a snack tray to leave out and they can eat as they please. 
This is not only a good way to eliminate meal time fuss, but also a way to get healthy foods into their growing bodies.

I have a small divided tray that I frequently use.
But many times, I will use a muffin tin.
Any sort of divided dish or even small bowls or ramekins would work well.

orange slices, cucumber sticks, grapes, organic wheat thins and avocado cubes in the center

There are tons of foods that work well for this, even if you are leaving it our for an hour or so.
The options are really up to you and your kiddos!
We generally try to include a nice variety and my oldest really likes taking on the task of deciding on what to fill each section.
This particular one is definitely more of a snack tray menu.
The boys had not really eaten their breakfast and this was the perfect way to tide them over until lunch.

Making it a muffin tin meal, is just as easy and a great way to appeal to a picky eater or for when there are multiple mouths to feed, each with their own taste preference.
Lunch is the time that we most often break out the muffin tins and generally include a heartier menu.
Boiled eggs are a favorite as well as using one tin for a dip of some sort like hummus, peanut butter or sour cream with an assortment of veggies or pitas and other dipping foods.
Even the pickiest eater can't resist a nice, colorful assortment that allows them to pick and choose which items they'd like to eat.

Foods we like to include on trays/tins:
apple slices
boiled eggs
carrot sticks
raw baby spinach leaves
peanut butter balls
cottage cheese
orange slices
cheese cubes
melon balls
nuts (although temporarily they are off until Charlie is just a little older)
cubes of grilled/baked chicken
cream cheese balls
berries ;)
dips: yogurt, hummus, sour cream, peanut butter, bean dip, salsa, etc

The list can go on and on...
And if you ever get tired of coming up with ideas or want to make your muffin tin meals really creative, 
Muffin Tin Mom will not disappoint!


  1. You forgot blueberries! :) Thanks, Mandi! As I try to diversify KT's diet and introduce new foods and textures each week, I'm always looking for a few new good ideas. I know I can count on you to present tasty ideas that are both fun and nutritious!

  2. Honestly, HOW could I forget blueberries?!?! and strawberries, too!!

    Off to edit...

  3. Good encouragement for me to keep trying with Joan (and uh, Jude) - maybe one day all of my pureeing and sneaking will be over...