Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Baby Signs

Charlie is so funny with his interpretations of sign language.
He's added a LOT of signs to his repetoire lately.
If I show him a sign, he likes to repeat it ON me.
If Tripp shows him a sign, Charlie will actually copy him.

His favorite other than "milk" while nursing is "more". 
"More" gets him more food, so of course it is a fave.
The funniest is "cracker" because he does it on top of his arm with his little pointer finger as opposed to the correct way of knocking on your elbow.
But, he especially likes to sign "cracker" on my arm and then, he does it correctly.

Another thing that is pretty darn cute is that he asks to know what a sign is for something. 
He was in my lap this morning eating an apple and kept signing "cracker" and then showing me the apple slice and turning his little hand up questioning me.
After I realized what he was wanting and showed him the sign for apple, he got all bouncy on my lap.
Then, he pointed to other things nearby asking for the sign.

It AMAZES me at the amount of information such a young person can understand when they can't even talk themselves.
I remember when Tripp was this same age and again...amazed.
Tripp had several more words in his daily vocabulary than Charlie, but they both can understand SO much at the ripe old age of (almost) 15 months. 
These little humans we created are just too cool.

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  1. These little people are amazing! I love that he wanted to know the sign for apple :)

    Henry still makes up new signs on a daily basis.