Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Quick Beach Trip

Let me preface this by saying our trip down to visit my sis and her family was the easiest travel we've yet experienced as parents.
Charlie slept the entire way and we didn't have to stop until the first rest stop in FL just a mere 30 minutes from our final destination.
Oh, yeah!

 Cadence was SO happy to see her cousin and best friend, Tripp.
She wouldn't let go of his hand...

She would not let go.
By this point, Tripp is literally pulling her hand away.

 She was enamored with Charlie and quite thrilled that "baby Charwie" was walking.

 Charlie- the keeper of all doors

Planting flowers in Cadence's window box.
We had a mini celebration for Will's birthday...complete with trick candles.

So, after a lovely day hanging around Megan's house Saturday, we hit the beach on Sunday.

It. Was. Gorgeous.

 Charlie LOVED the water
and dared anyone to try and take him away from it.
The only toy Tripp brought along for our combo beach/camping vacay...this dumptruck has gotten more consistent play than anything I think we own.

and I'm fairly certain we should go ahead and invest in a 2nd one...
Sharing does NOT happen well with the dumptruck!

 Hey Nana!
I mean, Devi.

 The boy was in a digger's heaven.

 Taking in the view from the pier
 Charlie slept through the entire pier walk

 intensely checking out one of the fishermen

all my boys <3


  1. looks like a fun time!!! i'm ready for beach trips with babies!!! :) good pictures!

  2. Looks like you had a great time. You got some great pictures!