Sunday, January 9, 2011


The weather has been taunting us with teases of a snow day (or 2).
Seeing as how we're in Mississippi, I'm more concerned about ice and the chance our power would be out.
So, today I decided to cook.
and cook
and cook
then, bake something
and cook some more.
I made chili, chicken alphabet soup (and a ton of bone broth), a crockpot roast with veggies, baked some pumpkin bread, boiled enough eggs to satisfy Tripp for a few days and made sausage balls.
We've only been teased thus far with a fierce hour or so of snow and the remainder has been sleet.
But it's SO cold!
No matter how many times Will explains to me the reasoning behind it sleeting instead of snow even though the temps are in the 20's, I still don't get it.
(see what having children does to one's brain?!)
Tripp is a little disappointed, but maybe the predicted snow will come in overnight and he can build his snowman tomorrow.
To appease his disappointment, we made SMORES for dessert.
My child is deprived, I suppose, because he's never had them before.
He was elated that marshmallows were on the grocery list.
And he really thought it was the coolest thing to roast them in the fireplace.
He really is excited.
He just kept making horrible looking "silly faces" every time I snapped the camera.

Stay warm, y'all!!