Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Baby Signs

Before I forget, Charlie is picking up on a lot of signs lately. 
I really need to remember to do them with him because he seems to like it.
He readily uses "all done/finished" (and has for several months), "milk" when he wants to nurse or is nursing and "eat". He will also copy many others when we show him. I need to brush up on some more signs as he's clearly very interested.

This morning was the first time he used "eat" to tell me he wanted some food.
In the past, he's signed it to us as he's getting ready to eat when we sign it to him.
But this morning, he used it to actually communicate that he was hungry.

Tripp, Charlie and I were having a little wrestling match on our bed and Charlie decided to crawl down. He started out of the room, turn to me and signed "eat" several times and crawled towards the kitchen. Then, whenever I promptly didn't follow, he stopped and did it again.
This time he eagerly grunted along with it, so as to say "Come ON Lady, I'm hungry!".

Cute, big baby boy.