Monday, January 31, 2011

Flying High

Today my heart is heavy.
It's heavy for...
my boys who will never get to wrestle with their uncle,
my husband who has lost his brother,
mother-in-law who lost her youngest son,
step-father-in-law who lost his only child,
Will's Gramma and Colby's other grandparents who lost her grandchild,
cousins, aunts and uncles who too lost a part of themselves,
his friends that learned one of life's hardest realities at too young of an age

My heart is heavy
because the reality is that death is a part of life.
The rest of us that are left here living,
have to do just so.
We have to live a new reality.
We always carry that little bit of Colby with us.
Colby was FULL of life.
Living in the moment
and living it to the fullest.

We have to find the positive things in the cards we are dealt.
Or otherwise, you're just miserable.
It's hard when something so devastating like this has happened.
It feels like Colby was ripped out of our lives without so much as a goodbye.
Sometimes, I have to stop myself from thinking about the what-might-have-been,
And instead, relish in all the time that we DID get to spend with Colby.
It's hard.
There are so many reminders of him just in our daily life.
Instead of being sad, we try to think of a good memory.
Luckily, with Colby there's plenty of those to draw from...
He was so full of life and always put a smile on your face.

Two years have passed and it seems like an eternity
while seemingly, just like it was yesterday.
I wipe away tears just writing this,
and hope like with all things, that time will heal these wounds.
But for today, my heart is heavy.

Fly High Colby!
We Love you and Miss you!
Gone too soon...

July 22, 1991-February 1, 2009


  1. This is a beautiful post, for what seems to be a beautiful soul.

  2. That was absolutely beautiful, it made me tear up.

  3. I'm sorry for your family's loss Mandi. Anniversaries are always hard-I'll be praying for you today.