Thursday, January 20, 2011

Joan Visits

I kept my friend Alisha's little girl, Joan, aka the love of Tripp's life, tonight while she and her hubby had a little date night.
She is such a sweetie and these kiddos had a blast. 
Between the jumping, running and incessant shopping, Tripp and Joan should sleep WELL tonight!
I'm pretty sure this was their first date ;)
 Charlie didn't think it was very fair that he had to eat in his high chair while these 2 had so much fun.
ya' move
ya' lose!
Your pb&j roll-up, that is.

Lots of silliness...I told ya' they should sleep well tonight!
They needed a drink/snack break.
I can't imagine why!

Now, for some shopping. 
They filled that cart up!
You think it's instinct?
A lady making the man hold her purse??
He happily toted that purse and pushed the very full cart around for Miss Joan.

We had a blast with your sweet girl, Alisha!
She's welcome anytime :)


  1. Oh my goodness! This is so cute! Thanks again for keeping her for us and we're looking forward to having yours come over someday soon!

    On the way home, Joan kept trying to convince us that Tripp didn't have a bed and needed to come sleep at our house in our extra bed. She really didn't want to leave...

  2. She was pretty sad. We had so much fun! Tripp asked this morning is Joan was coming back at supper, but spending the night "dis time".

    Silly kiddos!