Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Beautiful Mid-Winter Day

 We had some gorgeous weather at the end of this past week!
All of my mama friends and their kiddos spent the morning outside at the park.
Everyone enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air.

 Such little buddies


At a glance, these 2 look like they're innocently exploring around the park.

Up close, they're COVERED in mud!


  1. Love the pic of Charlie hamming it up in the tunnel! You know, Henry never did nap that afternoon. He was exhausted and in a horrible mood by 5:30. They played hard :)

  2. I cant believe he didnt nap! Tripp, aka Mr. No-nap ever!!, fell asleep within 5 minute of leaving the park and heading to Tupelo. His shoes are still kind of damp from the mud, too.