Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Charlie's 1st Birthday Celebration

Charlie's birthday party was such a blast!
He received some wonderful and thoughtful gifts.
The food was delish and the company was even better!

I know, I know. 
I'm heavy on the pics lately.
But, it's hard when there are so many cute ones to pic from.
Plus, mama got a new camera ;)
Charlie's birthday party post is no exception.
So, be patient.
Let all these cute pics load.

Charlie's buddy, Ollie
He didn't seem to mind the extra helpers when he was opening his gifts.
(cough, cough, MEGAN!!)
Charlotte wanted to hand deliver her gift.
 Charlie with 2 out of 3 of his great-grandmothers.
We missed you Oma!!
Charlie also had lots of help testing out his new gifts. 
Charlotte cracked me up driving this car around the living room.

 Henry's new train
Coming soon to the Dearman Front Porch ;)

Happy Birthday to YOU!

 Sweet kisses

 AAaaagh! The cupcake kicks in!

Happy 1st birthday, my sweet baby boy!

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