Sunday, December 26, 2010

Savannah Part Deux

Well, I fell behind on blogging our visit to MeMe's in Savannah.

I don't know HOW?

It's not like we all ended up with a stomach virus on top of the kids both having a horrendous cold.
I know, right?! What timing! 
Lucky for me, Gayle bought me a massage for Christmas and I got a nice break during the midst of all the puking and nose wiping to relax for an hour.

Regardless of all the sickies, we had SUCH A BLAST!
We loved getting to hang out with MeMe, Gramma and Keith for a whole week. 
We got to see a lot of cool stuff in Savannah and ate a ton of great food!
Here's some pics from the end of the week...

 examining the gators at the The Crab Shack

 Saturday Charlie and I stayed put at the hotel because it was his turn with the stomach bug.
Tripp got to go to the Artzeum!

Sunday afternoon, Will walked around downtown admiring all the beauty of Savannah.
He missed out on the great time MeMe, Gramma, Tripp, Charlie and I had at the historic Savannah Theatre at the production of "A Christmas Tradition". It was really an awesome show!

A BIG THANK YOU to you Gayle! 
We had such a great time despite the fact that the boys were so sick the whole trip. 
Oh well! Can't wait for our next trip!

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