Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Oh, the excitement of a 3 year old on his first airplane ride!
Where's the plane???

Chasing our lil' wranglers was getting old.

 It's here!!!

The flight was quick and the airport security process that I was so worried about was just fine. Birmingham doesn't have those dreaded AIT scanners though our return flight we will have to deal with those. The TSA folks in B'ham were super awesome and actually very helpful. The Southwest folks were nice too, except for the grumpy stewardess who insisted I had to unstrap the Ergo before takeoff even though TSA and Southwest policy (that I thoroughly checked prior to the trip) states otherwise. And my own opinion and I'm sure anyone who has one of these carriers, is that he'd be much more secure strapped to me, but whatever. Charlie was snoozing away in it and luckily, didn't wake up as I took it off. She also sternly asked if we'd fastened Tripp's carseat in, uh, Hello?! Do you think we 1. hauled this thing around to just NOT strap him in,  2. do we look like complete morons? 3. did you not see my hubby working on getting it buckled for what seemed like an eternity to make sure it was done correctly???

Flight was great. Tripp thought it was fantastic. 
Now, we're enjoying a nice week with Gayle, Keith and Jetty in beautiful Savannah, GA.

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  1. Glad the flight went well! The things I dread the most usually end up being the easiest things in life.....

    My sister knows a woman in Tallahassee who had MAJOR issues with a flight attendant on Delta forcing her to undo her Ergo during a flight.