Wednesday, December 15, 2010


One of our favorite places back home to eat is the hibachi/sushi restaurant. 
Tripp even requested it for his birthday dinner this summer.
And we went there for our anniversary dinner (with our kiddos in tow and again the night my parents kept the boys so we could go out alone to celebrate, lol! ).

Our first night in Savannah, we went to eat at Gayle and Keith's favorite spot for hibachi and sushi, Myabi.

It was YUMMY!
And even though they didn't have the first udon noodle on the menu, Tripp ate his hibachi grilled steak like he was starving without the slightest whisper about not having his beloved udon noodles. 
He was super happy about them having chopstick helpers and ate every bit with his chopsticks.

Charlie, bless his heart, ate
and ate
and ate.
Started fussing,
got his paci 
and then, passed straight out on Will's shoulder.
Baby was so tired after only a 20 minute nap (on the plane) all day.
This boy LOVES some food. 
Any food.


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