Thursday, December 30, 2010

Charlie's Home Birth Story

 nothing is sweeter than a newborn

As I shed a little tear thinking about the fact that my sweet baby is going to be one tomorrow, I have been thinking back to all the events leading up to his birth this time last year.

One year ago today, we were packing up our house to move from Randolph, MS to Starkville, MS. 
And yes, I know I was 40+ weeks pregnant, planning a home birth and packing up said home.

I never said anything about being sane.

Will had to drive about an hour away to go pick up our UHaul truck and while he was gone, I was starting up some pretty intense back labor. 
But, I'd been doing this off and on for awhile.
Heck, I'd been a good 6 cm dilated for WEEKS!
So, I was still not ready to admit I was in labor.

He got home and we put Tripp to bed. 
I told Will we'd be having a baby soon, but I was going to try to sleep for a little while.
An hour later, I got up out of bed since I couldn't sleep through the contractions and decided to call in the troops.
Oh, my comfy couch! 
This was my spot for most of the night working on birthing my baby boy.

Within the next few hours, my mom,dad and sister all arrived. The midwives arrived as well. 
I asked them to check me and I was 7cm dilated.
I was a little disappointed because that back labor was not fun and seemed like I should have done more work than just 1 measly centimeter.
My awesome midwives: Melissa Stallings, Martina Benson and their apprentice Missy Padgett

For the most part, labor was pretty mellow. I just relaxed on the couch and took each contraction as it came.
We were all tired as I labored throughout the night. So, we all took turns snoozing in between contractions.
Tripp woke up around 6 New Years' Eve morning to all the excitement of baby's impending arrival.
Nana and Poppie were there to tend to him and his needs which I'm so, so grateful for as things were really picking up in the birthing department.

Will and I moved back into our bedroom as the really intense contractions of transition hit.
I was at 9 cm with a lip, fully effaced and my waters were still intact.
I was tired, tired at this point after being up all night. 
But, alas, here we are.
It's too close to the end to give up.
Plus, I wouldn't give up.
That's just not me.

I recall drifting off during these intense final contractions.
It was really a beautiful, yet deep and dark place within in me. 
Tripp's labor was so fast and intense that I never had the time to really feel and experience this transition part of labor.
It was like the ocean at night.
Dark, mysteriously beautiful with waves coming and going and crashing onto the shore

I also recall being quite irritated at my husband's snoring. 
I was practically lying on top of him in an interesting upright, sideways position as his snoozing wasn't disturbed by my contractions.
I don't know HOW because I'm certainly NOT a quiet mama during the end of labor.
There I was peaking atop the crests of these intense ocean waves and he was just snoring away.
It would take more than that to mess with my mojo, though.

I recall my midwife coming in to check me and I remember clearly not wanting her to until the current contraction was over.
She waited, but while she was poised and watching what was going on down there,
My waters broke with a mighty gush.
A few minutes later I felt that massive urge to push.
And boy, did I!

Charlie was out with only a couple pushes and before I realized it actually.
He came out so quickly and was on my chest before it all sunk in that my baby was finally earthside.

If you know us, then you know we LOVE the surprise of waiting to find out our babies' gender once they're born. Will and I were in such awe at this perfect angel that several minutes went by before we even looked to see if we had a new son or daughter.
Everyone was saying "Yall look!"

Through our tears we picked him up and saw, "He's a BOY!"
We had known all along, but here he was, son number two.

Charlie was born at 9:27 a.m. New Years Eve 2009.
And here's a weird coincidence, Tripp was born at 9:27 p.m.

After we snuggled for awhile, the midwives measured and did all their little assessments right beside us on the bed. He was perfect (of course!) and weight 6 lbs 13 oz and was 20" long.
And here's weird coincidence number 2...
Yep, That was Tripp's exact size at birth.
Especially looking back on the past year, because these 2 couldn't be more opposite if they tried.
Auntie and Nana taking their turn at snuggling.

All my boys :)
The first of MANY brother hugs

And yes, for those of you wondering, we finished loading up and moved the next day.
We were crazy.


  1. Good story! I miss your crazy self. We'll see you guys soon - tell Charlie happy birthday from Those Landrys!

  2. I miss YOUR crazy self! Safe travels coming home!

  3. Love the story and that one-year-old! Yes, you are crazy for moving the very next day....

  4. Oh Mandi!!! I admire you so, so much! What a beautiful story!