Monday, December 27, 2010

The Final Touch

We moved literally the day after Charlie was born almost a year ago. 
Then, a few days later, Will started back to school and work.
Thus, life with a newborn and toddler in a new house and new town took over and our master bedroom just didn't get any attention. 

This summer Will was out for his break and we finally got to do some major projects in there and give it some personal touches.
For Christmas, I picked out the final touch...
A beautiful piece of artwork from a local artist  selling her work at the holiday bazaar.
Thanks mom and dad! It's perfect!
We have this great platform bed but no headboard.
Using an old door that came out of his grandmother's home in Toccopola, Will made us this one of kind headboard for our bed.

Didn't it turn out well?
We make a pretty good team, he and I.
I have the great ideas and he brings them to life.
Or as he would say, does all the work ;)

Another repurposed item from his grandmother's house is this old window frame.
Inside of it is a favorite old tapestry of mine.

The opposite wall is pretty special too.
"All because two people fell in love."

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