Monday, April 4, 2011

Treasure Maps

Also known as a Vision Board.

Treasure Maps are essentially a vision board put together in conjunction with the Aries new moon which is the beginning of a new astrological year. It's what you want to envision for yourself over the next year.
I like doing these because it gives me time to reflect on our life and what is going on as well as what we want to accomplish over the next year...
Things we want to come to fruition,
Positive words to reflect on during bad days,
Affirmations to encourage positive living.

A treasure map can be whatever you want it to be.
It's all about the process of reflection and aspirations.
Ask and you shall receive.

We cut pictures, words etc. out of old magazines and find pictures online to print.
Images that catch your eye and phrases that touch your soul.

Tripp really had fun this morning cutting and pasting, too.

 Tripp's treasure map
I love that he felt the need to "go big".
I also love that he cut out a huge pic of an old school 35 mm Nikon and put it on there as his representation of me. He put the dinner rolls on there for Will.

The left side is focusing on Will and his next move...hopefully a job as a landscape architect soon after graduation (in 3 weeks!!!).

The center is more affirming...the rocks represent balance.
I also want to focus more on my marriage since this is the first year in 4 years that I'm not pregnant or taking care of an infant and Will is graduating, we'll have more time for our own relationship. I miss my hubby!
and Lakshmi.
Can't go wrong with Lakshmi!

I also NEED time for myself. The top right is manifesting that in ways that center me to be a better woman, wife and mother.

Well, not the brooms.
The brooms serve double duty.
1. I want my house to stay more organized and clean.
2. I want to be okay with the fact that my house is not always going to be organized and clean. I have 2 boys under 4 and need to get real.

The bottom left is more focus on life and what I want out of it.
Abundance, Beauty in the Everyday, To be Patient and to be Present

The bottom right is focus on my boys and nurturing their souls and minds.

What do you want for your family and your self this year?
I'm a big believer in the power of positive thinking and manifesting your own destiny.
Only you are in control of the way you live. It's up to you to make the best of it and to find satisfaction in your daily life. If your not, it is then up to you to change it.
Because if you don't change your life for the better, who will??

Sit down.
Think about it.
Write it out or make a Vision Board.
Hold your thoughts accountable and make your life what you want it to be.

Happy Mapping!


  1. Mandi, I like this a lot. I find myself getting so caught up in day to day life that I have to actively remember to keep my mind on the big picture and that every day is important.

    I also love that dinner rolls represent Will. Does Will love baba?

  2. He is a baba fan, but I'm still not sure why he really picked those for Will. He was pretty excited that the picture of the bag of flour was King Arthur, the same kind we have. Who knows? That boy has a mind of his own.

    And this is all about the big're spot on. :)

    Can you tell I got my new book, The Tao of Motherhood? I'm feeling very meditative.