Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cotton District Arts Festival

I'm an arts fest lover to be sure and the Cotton District Arts Festival quickly usurped all the rest in my heart last year. I was definitely looking forward to this years and was not disappointed!
My parents joined us for the fun, too!

 Having a tough time b/c he really wanted a red string or black.
He settled for pink.

 Very cool addition for this year was the drum/percussion circle open to anyone who felt the beat.

 Serious stuff, those balloon animals

 Charlie LOVED this toy and I was planning on buying it.
A few minutes later, the guy snatched it up and sold it to someone else.
Charlie was not happy.
Ever seen a 1 year old throw a fit? 
Well, you would have if you were nearby when this went down.

 simple fun.
giant bucket o' chalk

 Walking around with Nana

Besides the owl pillow, Tripp really racked up. 
He picked out 3 pieces of art from one of my favorite semi-local artists for his room.
Well, technically he picked out about 6 pieces, but mom and I talked him down to 3 small ones. 
He was also really convinced he needed or that my mom needed several other items, but was distracted otherwise. At least my little bud can appreciate the beauty of homegrown, local artists!

Have you ventured out into your community lately? 
The creativity may surprise you!

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