Monday, April 25, 2011

A Garden Flashback

I'm not sure if it was the chai or the energy bagel this morning from City Bagel, but I got some things done in the yard today!
I completed the transformation of a mulched over empty bed into a mini-garden and planted a lot of containers. We're waiting until we return from the beach in May before containing up the rest of our summer veggies, so the poor dears aren't neglected while we're gone.
While I was working, I was sort of missing our huge beautiful country garden. 
I say "sort of" because I DON'T miss all the work that had to be done in July and August, but otherwise, tending our gigantic organic garden was very cathartic and rewarding.

We had big dreams out there in the country.
Our 5 year plan was to become certified organic, and sell our veggies/eggs/breads at the farmers' market and/or a CSA.
In our 4 years there, we learned an amazing amount of knowledge about organic gardening, harvesting, preserving, balance, chickens and patience. During those 4 years, we managed to grow PLENTY of veggies for ourselves year round, some to share with friends and family and even some veggies and eggs to sell.

I was hoping to find some pics from Ye Olde House, but all my pics are on the external hard drive.
And, yes, I'm that lazy tonight.
I DID find some from the late spring garden our 2nd year to compare to my measly little garden now...

 peas, tomatoes, cabbages, dogs, etc.

purple hull peas, corn, more corn and in the very back melons, squashes all bordered by zinnias

wittle baby broccoli, greens, lettuces

from seed to fruit...tomatoes.
Will loves him some tomatoes.
I think this year we had 75 plants and yes, he talked to every single one.

container herbs, medicinal herbs in the background, clovers & more medicinal herbs, Mediterranean herbs

What I don't have pictured are the pears, crabapples, blackberries, blueberries, multitude of flowers or my chickens...maybe one of these days I'll pull some good uns off the hard drive. 

Stay tuned and I will update with pics of my current set up after a week or so to let it establish itself a little bit.
Go get dirty!


  1. Wow. That is massive. I'm all for eating but not so much for the gardening.....

    My favorite bagel is the Energy :)

  2. If it was the bagel that got everything accomplished that I did today, I need one of them every morning! yum!

  3. looks awesome!!! definitely something about growing your own food! makes you appreciate it a little better!! :)

  4. oh, love chai too....go you with the gardening. Impressed much!