Friday, April 22, 2011

Naturally Dyed Eggs

This was a fun little experiment.
In years past, we've tried our hand at dying eggs with natural ingredients, but never to this full extent. Plus, for a few years we had several Auracana hens and they laid blue and green eggs. No need for much dying ;)

I wanted to try and dye a rainbow of eggs.
I found this cool chart that has all the colors and natural ingredients that will yield such results.
We used grape juice, turmeric, red cabbage, beets, red onion skins, spinach and canned cherries.
The results were not what we expected, but they were all so unique and beautiful! 
Tripp has eaten a LOT of them so I'm not even sure if I have one of each in my pics!

We prepped our ingredients, added enough water to cover the eggs and added 1 TB each of white vinegar and salt. After boiling for about 30 minutes, we put in the eggs to dye. After about 30 minutes, we'd check the color and leave them in longer if we wanted a deeper color. Some I left in overnight.

clockwise: eggs soaking in beet and red cabbage dye, gorgeous red cabbage prepped, beets ready to boil, checking the color of the eggs in the turmeric

stirring his brew
Clockwise from the top: lavender-grey from canned cherries, gorgeous blue from the red cabbage, pinkish from the beets, brilliant yellow from turmeric, and speckled eggplant purple from grape juice

Tripp had a lot of fun with this whole project. 
He liked trying to guess what color each ingredient would produce.
He was really surprise that the red cabbage made blue eggs when the dye was a brilliant shade of purple.
All in all, this was fun and something I look forward to doing again.

Happy dying, y'all!


  1. They look stunning! I can't wait to try this out with ours tomorrow. Only we'll be starting with duck eggs which are sort of greyish, so it'll be interesting to see how they come out. I'll post mine tomorrow night :)

  2. what a great variety of color!!! i love how they aren't pastel....