Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Me: (after hearing screams come from the next room) Tripp, please give Charlie his cup back. 
Tripp: But, I'm trying to pack it in the wagon.
Me: Tripp, Charlie would like his cup. If he wants to pack it, then we will let him do it.
Tripp: But, we're moving to New York City and  it's time to get everything loaded!!

Tripp: Mama! We brought you breakfast for bed!
Me: Oh, thank you! It looks delicious!
Tripp: It's a quesadilla frittatta! (it was a spinach and feta omelette lol)

 Me: Tripp, do you know what Memorial Day is about?
Tripp: It's about remembering the soldiers.
Me: That's right. Do you know what soldiers do?
Tripp: They protect us from the fire dragons.
lol, well, yeah. Kinda kiddo!

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