Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Homemade, All Natural Poison Ivy Remedy

I'm not really thrilled to be writing this post.
Why, you may ask?
Because for this particular remedy to be on my mind, it must mean someone has Poison Ivy
and this time, that someone is ME!!

I'm so allergic to it as well and if you've ever had a reaction to PI, you know it's the devil!
It must be one of those summers for me because I have NO CLUE where I even came in contact with the stuff.
I'm just that allergic that i can pass by a mile away and it finds me!
I won't complain TOO much because I am really healthy and my allergies are miniscule compared to most.
But, DANG, this itches!

Luckily, experience has taught me that this simple and all natural remedy soothes and heals poison ivy (or oak/sumac) rashes quick as a wink.
It feels divine, too!

I use French Green Clay powder (available in some beauty supply stores and health food stores, but always available online), witch hazel and peppermint essential oil.  I have a small, airtight container that I reserve for my clay paste each summer (it works great for stings or bug bites, too). Take a scoop of the clay powder and dump it into your container. Add 20-30 drops of the peppermint eo and then slowly add the witch hazel a little bit at a time. Mix as you go and when you have a nice creamy and smooth paste (consistency of a facial masque), you're ready to apply. After washing the affected area with warm water and soap, pat dry and apply your clay paste. AHHHH! It feels lovely, doesn't it?!

The green clay (any clay can be used but green is best!) has a higher absorption property and as it dries it pulls the poisonous oils out of the skin. The witch hazel soothes and heals the skin and itching while the peppermint cools the affected area to soothe it as well. This stuff blows calamine lotion out of the water! 

Hopefully, you won't ever have to use this remedy.
But if you do, you can rest assured that you have a safe, all natural and wonderfully effective treatment right at your fingertips!


  1. Oh no ... sounds horrible. We don't have Poison Ivy ..... how awesome that you make up the paste to soothe the skin. What a great homeopathic idea.