Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meal Plan 6/1/11

We've been in and out of town, so the meal plans have fallen by the wayside. 
This week, I'm a little late b/c I generally post on Mondays by weekly plan, but alas...

And it's already HOT at Hades so the summer cooking has commenced.

Sunday: eat at the Mississippi Friends of Midwives picnic
Monday: dinner at my parents
Tuesday: leftovers (we visisted Will's Gramma and got home pretty late)
Wednesday: Salmon cakes, sauteed chard (from the farmers' market, yum), cheese grits
Thursday: tacos w/ fixins and homemade guacamole
Friday: Veggie fritata (I like to throw in a good mix) with toasted polenta w/ goat cheese
Saturday: variety of appetizers for dinner...having friends over
Sunday: it's my birthday so therefore, I'm not cooking :)

I almost have next week planned as well. I'm trying to use what we have with minimal grocery shopping. I will update when I have the full week done. 

What are you eating this week?