Monday, June 20, 2011

Meal Plan 6/20/11

Full swing into summer cooking which means we either grill it or barely need the stove/oven on if at all to cook it.
It's too dang hot for much else :)
But summer eating it my favorite!
The food is light and the veggies are fresh, colorful and delicious!

Here's what we've got coming up over the next week...

Monday: Greek Salad complete w/ a simple olive oil  & lemon juice dressing, cucumbers, red bell peppers & tomatoes from the garden, kalamata olives and artichoke hearts served w/ pitas and spinach & feta dip

Tuesday: Crispy Grilled Chicken thighs w/ grilled summer squash pasta salad

Wednesday: Watermelon & Goat Cheese quinoa with pitas & spinach/feta dip

Thursday: Chicken enchiladas (made w/leftover grilled thighs) mexican rice, homemade cheese dip & chips *This was Tripp's requested meal :)

Friday: Grilled skirt steak w/ Grilled corn & avocado salad

Saturday: Grilled corn, Purple hull peas, Butter beans and Skillet cornbread cakes

Sunday: Grilled Salmon a top a Spinach, Walnut & Berry Salad w/ homemade poppyseed dressing

 I've even got an extra day prepared: Grilled Sea Scallops & Green beans wrapped in pancetta, Charred Romaine hearts w/ buttermilk dressing and grilled Sweet potatoes

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