Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby Babble

Poor Tripp.
I will be old and senile and not be able to remember a darn thing about his infancy.
Lucky for Charlie, I have a blog during his.

Charlie, our little social butterfly/party animal has quite the vocabulary for a 10 month old.
"Mama" of course!
"Dada" generally follows "Hey" and a nice big wave with arms stretched high in the air
"Huh-Buh" is always shouted loudly for Tripp though I think he is saying brother
And our lil' piggy, says "Yum, Yum" as he bounces in his highchair eating whatever it is that he's eating
and his latest is "Bah" until I say "banana!" and he repeats "bah-mah-mah".

He loves some bananas. 

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