Thursday, November 4, 2010

Watching the Leaves Turn...

Have I mentioned that I love Fall?

Well, I do. It is my favorite time of year.
Today was a beautiful autumn day with just enough chill in the air to hint at winter. 
We enjoyed a lazy day around the house, playing outside and treasuring sweet moments with my boys. 

Toes. This one is keeping me
Lots of heart melting laughter going on here.

Look at my LEAF!!

We ended up collecting several kinds of leaves and doing rubbings which Tripp thought was pretty darn cool.
 sorting his leaves
Luckily, I knew most of the types of trees from which the leaves came because he was full of questions.
He was much more satisfied when Dad came home and could fill in my gaps.
 What a look!
"What wetter does weaf start wiff, mama?"
I hate I cut off his face in this pic because he was SO proud of his letters, especially his BIG lower case 'l'.

Dad later labeled our rubbings for us.
mainly Red Oaks, a Water Oak, Birch and then, we sorted through the bowl of leaves as well to find several other kinds.

"Everyone must take time and watch the leaves turn"
-Elizabeth Lawerence

Ah, Autumn!