Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ecofrugality: Reusable Feminine Products

Yes, I know.
This one just sounds kind of "out there", but stick with me foks. 
Except for you, Dad. You're excused from this post ;)

Seriously, though, why spend money every single month on disposable mentrual products?
The options for reusable ones fit every budget and taste. 
Plus, do I even have to mention the toxins that are so close to such an intimate area?
This seems like an easy choice...less money, less waste, eliminate toxins and reusable products are much more comfortable.

Have I lost you yet?
Are you still thinking "crazy hippie"?
Let me assure you that I'm not the only one out there rethinking my monthly flow.
If you just google, you'll see how many different reusables are out there. 
There is quite a market.

And, I will let you in on a secret...
Users of  cloth pads, menstrual cups, sea sponge tampons...all claim that cramping is noticeably LESS and that their periods are SHORTER!
Um, hello?!?!

Personally, I love the sea sponge tampons and cloth pads.  I've never used a menstrual cup, but know plenty of satisfied women who have.
sea sponges

Menstrual Cup
The one pictured is the Diva Cup. The Keeper Cup and the Moon Cup are 2 other popular brands.
Assortment of cloth pads...liners, regulars and overnights
Most of my stash is from a dear friend, Nic at Crimson Moon Pads.
Her pads are made with super soft flannel and she has snaps on the wings to keep them snuggly in place.
I heart her pads!

Now, I know you're wondering about the washing/cleaning aspect. The cups and sea sponges are simple, rinse and reuse. The pads at our house are thrown in with the cloth diapers and it's no big deal. When I no longer have diapeys to wash :(, I will throw them in and do a quick rinse cycle before washing the remaining load of towels/kitchen linens, etc. In the meantime, a wet bag is perfect for storage on the go or around the house.
Easy. Peasy.
Still not totally convinced that you should switch from disposable feminine products to reusable ones?
Well, how about this?!

My friend Nic has graciously donated one of her "Try It" Packs to be given away!
It consists of 2 regular 9" cloth pads in a fabric of her choosing.
All you have to do is :
1. Follow my Blog by clicking the "follow" button to the right --->
3. Leave me a comment letting me know you've done #1 & #2.

 This is the second post in my Ecofrugality: From Disposables to Reusables series.
My first post with an awesome coupon code for reusable snack bags and sandwich wraps
can be found here.


  1. Following and Liking! :)

  2. Did both. I have been wanting cloth pads.

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