Thursday, February 10, 2011

HB207 Passed...But The Fight Continues

Update: Public Health Committe Chairman Rep. Steve Holland requested the Motion to Reconsider be tabled. The House agreed and the motion was killed. HB207 moves on to the Senate.

No sooner than HB207 PASSED the House of Representative in our Great State, Rep. Sidney Bondurant, an OB/GYN from Grenada, has filed a Motion to Reconsider. He also spoke in opposition to the bill when it was before the House spewing a slew of misinformation from the Wax Study that had nothing to do with the benefit of requiring the CPM credential for midwives to serve the public in Mississippi. Instead, he essentially wanting to make this a home birth safety issue.

Please contact your Representatives- TODAY!!
Let these Legislators know that we want their Support for HB207 and "yes" vote as it Passed the House yesterday and we do NOT want it to be reconsidered.
Here are several quick Facts Sheets with Talking Points for your Representative:
Midwives Safety Act HB207: Fact Sheet
Midwives Safety Act HB207: Home Birth Safety Facts
The Big Push Wax Study One-Pager
Midwives Safety Act HB207: Cost Savings

This is an quick way to search for your Representative  and here is the link to find their contact information.

You can listen to the House debate here. Included in the video is Mississippi Friends of Midwives rebuttal and explanatory notes.