Monday, October 10, 2011

Tree Gnomes and Alligators!

My friend, Laura, and I took the kiddos out to the Noxubee Wildlife Refuge one morning last week.
The kids had a blast exploring and we decided to make a point to come out to this local gem more often. 
 Tripp and Henry examining things from the nature table inside the Visitor's Center.

Charlie really liked the turtle shell.
and this shell...
 Looking out over Bluff Lake behind the Visitor's Center
That's an alligator. 
 Putting their binoculars to use.

I promise they lined up in order on their own.
 Searching for bugs and mushrooms on old logs
 He's part dog.
 Smelling all the different wildflowers in bloom

Liza was so proud of her little leaf.

 I promise, we did line them up like this ;)

Sitting amongst the Tree Gnomes (aka Cypress knobs)