Thursday, August 25, 2011

North Georgia Camping Part 1: Wildcat Creek

I'm going to attempt a blog catch up and summer round up over the next few days. 
Our most recent adventure revolved around me attending the The Big Push for Midwives' 2011 Push Summit in Cary, North Carolina. We got to spend some extra time with friends while we were there which made all the little bumps in the road along the way much better!
To top it off, on our way home we took the scenic route.
And we stayed for a night or 2...
It was lovely!

We left from our friend's in Chapel Hill and meandered down towards Asheville, NC and finally ended up in the moutains of North Georgia. 

After enjoying our lovely scenic ride through the mountains, we stopped at Wildcat Creek  to camp. 
It is a beautiful (and that's an understatement) primitive campground with a fabulous creek running through it. You could literally reach in and grab the trout. 

 He's so proud he made it up with his brudder.

 Gosh, I'm a lucky lady!
 Playing in the creek before bed!

 Charlie meticulously stacked his rocks.
 Our cozy little $8 campsite...what value!!
 You can see the creek (a smaller, shallow and calmer section) ran along the backside of our tent.
The sound was lovely music to our ears.
And there's a little pool that was filled with trout. We'd come back here for the fishing alone.
 A lovely morning walk down the trail that followed the creek from our campsite.

Okay, this was too cool.
An au naturelle waterslide.
And that picture makes it look small, but it wasn't.
Your also probably thinking, how fun?! And so refreshing for mid August!!
Um, folks, that water was COLD. Frigid.

From here, we headed a few minutes down the main road to Moccasin Creek State Park to hike up to Hemlock Falls. I'll post those pics tomorrow! Stay tuned.

Get Outside, Y'all!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! And, how cute are your kids sitting in their camping chairs?

  2. Those pictures look amazing! What beautiful places you discovered!