Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Good Thing We Like Each Other!

This weekend was particularly fun and funny.
My sis, her husband and niece all came up for the weekend and stayed at my parents.
My grandparents and cousin also decided to come and visit since they were in town.
Again, staying at my parents.
Then, at the end of the day Friday, we returned home from an overnight trip to the water park to find our air conditioner dead, so guess what?!
We headed to my parents for the weekend.

Have I mentioned that my parents house is a construction zone?
They had to redo their foundation AND replace the main water line into the house.
This resulted in ripped up floors, destroyed walls and basically utter upheaval.
So, in all this fun state, we all camped out at my parents  for the weekend and had a blast!

The most fun was watching these 3 cousins playing and squealing with laughter!
We celebrated Tripp's birthday while Cadence was in town so she wouldn't miss any fun!
Tripp requested a peanut butter and jelly house sandwich, mac n cheese, cheese dip and chips and spanish rice. We had quite the interesting dinner (actually, all the fill-ins from the grill were delish!)

We finished up with cupcakes and these sillies all crashed for the night! 
We had fun, Griswolds!!

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