Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Make Your Own Fire Starters

In the middle of our extended vacationing, we're going camping. 
In preparation, Will and the boys made some easy peasy fire starters for our campfire. 
It's so easy that you probably have the ingredients right there in your house begging to be used.

What you'll need:
old candle
dryer lint
empty egg carton

First, start with a super cool dad.
Next, take your old candle and break it into chunks to remelt.
In a double boiler or similar set up, begin to heat the wax.
Now, put your kiddos to task and have them fill the egg carton with dryer lint.
When the wax has melted, pour into the egg carton that is filled with dryer lint just until the individual holes are full. 
A little tip to make it mess free is to place the egg carton on a piece of wax paper b/c the hot wax combined with the cardboard can leak a little. 
Then, place them in the fridge/freezer to cool (about 30 minutes or so) OR you can place in them on the counter in a cool spot overnight. 

Once the wax has cooled completely, break apart the individual containers and voila!
You've made your own fire starters from recycled items around your home.

To use, simply light them when placed in your fireplace or fire ring with your wood. They can also be thrown into a dying fire to bring it back to life.

Now, get outside and spend the night out in nature!


  1. Very nice! I saved my dryer lint all winter for Tay's fires but he just throws it in the fire. This is much better and much cuter :)